This is not your ordinary blocklist.. it generates the blacklists in realtime, taken from our anti spam (killspam) gateway clusters that collectively use and assess every process, procedure and verified SMTP checks, PreRBL's and URI RBL's blocklists in existence. If your on the list, its for a very good reason. Trusted by corporates around the world. Use it now.

Check IP

The only DNS RBL Blocklist that is collective and verified - Use it now, its free - rbl.transcom.net

DNSRBL Blocklist

A commercial grade DNS blocklist that is updated in realtime from our killspam gateway cluster logs, the detection tracking can be seen live online. Reporting is standard NXDOMAIN and NOERROR resulting in TXT responses.

Killspam Gateway

For over 25 years, Transcom has the art of spam prevention down to the finest level, with filtering in both directions, 99.99% effectivity, individual reporting, ultrafast, non invasive and priced at just £1 per email address per month. 30day Free Trial.

Transcom Services

Purely a Business ISP since 1992, fully managed, including Cloud, VPS and dedicated capabilites, all accounts include the Killspam Gateways as standard. Domain Registrar, SSL certificate provisioning, custom scripts and Linux / LAMP Admins.